How to get a rich husband


One of the most popular questions women ask is how to get a rich husband. Tt is just as easy to love a rich man as a poor one. One of the silliest things women do is fall in love based on looks or charm, only to find that between yourself and your man, neither of you can afford bus fare. As difficult as life can be, there is nothing to be ashamed of in ensuring a little financial security before you give away your heart.

Wealthy men are usually entrepreneurs, go getters, loving the thrill of the hunt. They are aggressive, and are tops in their field. They work hard and play harder. They expect the best because they give their best. And that is exactly what you will have to be to get a rich man to marry you: the best.

You are going to have to be fit, perfectly coiffed, nails done, teeth white, hips wide, and waistline tiny

If you want a rich husband, you are going to have to be comfortable both in the spotlight and on the sidelines. There will be times when you will be thrust into the background while your husband is working through a deal or weathering a publicity storm. at all times.

You will need a thick skin. Yes, people will call you a fortune hunter, a gold digger, and those are the kindest terms you will hear. You are going to have to know yourself very well, because you are not going to recognize yourself by what you read in the tabloids. And if you were not born to a certain amount of wealth to begin with, or are uncomfortable with wealth, you will face even more resistance and criticism.

Still want to marry a rich husband? Good. That means we have sorted everyone out and now only the most determined and most sincere of you are still with me. Because here’s the truth: It’s not about us, girls, it’s about our men. If we want that rich husband, we have to be everything they want and everything they need. It isn’t going to happen if we stick to the idea that it is all about us, our wants, our needs. The men we are after are not stupid. They know what a huge draw their fortunes are, and they know the difference between fortune hunters.